Nars Casablanca Lipstick

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Unique, bold and unexpected; - these are some of the descriptions that cross my mind whenever I see Nars Casablanca (retails for Php1350) lipstick on my stash. It's a fantastic color and I really think it deserves a little bit more love here on beauty sphere.

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On the Nars website, Casablanca is said to be a classic full bodied coral. I have to say that description is just half true. On my lips, it delivers more as a nice terracotta brick orange that almost has its own character. Definitely a one of its kind shade that I have been enjoying slapping on my lips recently. It is almost opaque in a swipe and stays decently on the lips. A quick dab is all it takes for it to light up my face (so day-appropriate), while piling a few more layers is all I need to achieve that sultry, fierce pack of color (but still not over the top). It also has a nice subtle glossy sheen which makes pairing it with a lip gloss optional.

However, Casabalanca is a satin; -which means that it is not the most moisturizing formula in lipstick land (but lasting power is superb!). So I make sure to pop that extra lip balm underneath before swiping this on.


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And on me..


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