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Aside from their blushes, I have never really tried a bunch from Ever Bilena's cosmetics line. That's why when I received Pink Flame, I tried it on immediately. I remember stumbling upon this shade in various forums. Apparently, it's one of Ever Bilena's most popular lipsticks. And right after swatching it on my arm,  I totally get why most girls favor this particular shade.

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Pink Flame is an opaque matte dusty rose-pink that works well with my skin tone. It is one of those pinky shades that is not overpowering; -making it school/work appropriate. I love how it adds that dainty touch of rosiness on my lips. It is definitely a fantastic everyday color. Hands down, Pink Flame is gorgeous (color wise). 

But sadly, the formula sucks big time! It's so drying and it makes my lips peel like crazy. I know mattes are not the most forgiving formula on the lipstick arena, but this is like the black sheep of the all the mattes that I own. Even with a balm underneath, this still manages to cake after a few hours on my lips. Also, it has that funky plasticky scent that I resent.


(without flash)
(with flash)

And on me:

So do I recommend this? Not at all! Yes, it's pretty. But as much as I love the color, I hate making my lips suffer. Also, I feel that there are better lipsticks out there (and yes, maybe still within its relatively affordable price range) which can be flattering and still hydrating to the lips. Actually if you know one, write it on the comments below so I can check it out too. :)


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