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Summer is without a doubt, the part of the year where plans of losing that extra pounds, of sipping thirst-quenching drinks by the pool side and of baring more skin pop on almost everybody's list. Who wouldn't want to skip that extra yard of cloth in this scorching heat, right? I may not have that perfect beach body, but I have hair-free skin that is.. (coughs) flaunt-worthy. Thanks to Strip It! hair removal sugaring.

I invested on underarm laser hair removal years ago and currently having my upper lip laser hair removal at 6F. As much as I would love to book 8 sessions of laser hair removal for my legs too, I am still unready to splurge on that. So while I am still taking my time (and building my funds), I resort to depilatory creams. But that changed recently when I received my Strip It! tub.

"Strip It!" is a ready-to-use sugaring kit that doesn't just effectively remove hair from its roots, it also leaves the skin silky, smoother (it has moisturizer) and lighter (due to the Calamansi extract). And since sugaring falls into the category of epilation, it also keeps the skin hair free longer (2-4 weeks) compared to shaving or using depilatory creams. And since it doesn't require heating, it is relatively easier to do (a how-to-do-it insert is included in the kit). Just apply an ample amount of the cold wax onto the skin (following the direction of the hair growth) using the spatula, place the cloth and press firmly, and then pull the cloth against the direction of the hair in a rapid motion. 

I wax my upper and lower legs and the 100g tub (which retails for Php130) was sufficient for two applications. So if I do my math, I am indeed getting the benefits of waxing while saving money (and time). And besides the fact that it does the job of keeping my legs hair free, I love that the provided wooden spatula and the cloth strips are usable. You just need to soak them in water after use to dissolve the wax off and just let them dry (so environment friendly!). 

If you are new with the do-it-yourself cold wax process, here are more detailed waxing techniques from Strip It!

1. Make sure the skin is completely clean and dry.
2. Powder lightly if skin is oily, and then brush it off completely.
3. Hair should be at least one-fourth inch long.
4. Apply sugaring to your skin with the wooden spatula, in the direction of your hair growth. The skin surface must be flat so do this while stretching your skin thus covering the full area.
5. Take a cloth strip, press it down firmly onto the waxed area and rub for a few seconds.
6. Remember to leave a small space at the end of the strip for pulling.
7. Hold your skin taut (stretched tight) so that all the hair will be pulled out when you strip off the cloth.
8. Then immediately strip off the cloth in the opposite direction of the hair growth.
9. Do this rapidly but closely to the skin (if the strip is removed slowly or wax stayed on the skin too long, the hair will not come off).
10. If few stray hairs remain, you can re-wax or tweeze them.
11. Wipe the skin with a damp cloth or towel afterwards to remove excess wax.
12. Do not wash for 6-8 hours.
13. Also, don't be scared if redness & bumps occur. This is a normal reaction and should disappear within an hour.

So do I recommend this? Definitely! 

For more information, log on to: or like Strip It! on facebook.


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