My Rebonding Experience at Validosa Salon, Eastwood

2:13 AM

Last last week was definitely not my week. I was bored, depressed on how much weight I gained, hated my dry hair and I was suffering from PMS. When things like these happen, I keep my insanity intact by doing body scrubs, munching on a tub of ice cream or just being anywhere far. And since one of the things that was bothering me was my weight, option #2 (intoxicating myself with ice cream) was definitely not a smart choice. So I just opted to take a walk outside while sipping a large Serenitea Milk tea and then on the second floor of the Eastwood Cyber Mall, I saw a newly opened salon with incredibly cheaply priced services. 

Photos of the Validosa Salon below (grabbed from their FB page)

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A nice lady named Des talked me onto their services. And just like that (blame the hormones), I decided to give my mane a nice rebond with Loreal cellophane. But the manager from the salon was super kind to add a Loreal powerdose (1 vial) on my package for free. S/he also instructed me that I could come back after three days to have my hair washed and s/he will throw another free hair spa for me. All for Php2000 only. Fyi, I did not even tell them that I am a beauty blogger and might write something about my experience in their salon. Unfortunately, I needed to wash my hair after two days to attend to the HTC ChaCha event (which I will post on a later date), so I wasn't able to avail of the free hair spa. But it's okay because I was completely satisfied with how my hair turned out to be. I have naturally wavy hair and I have my hair rebonded almost every year and the result was so much at par with some of the more pricey salons that I had my hair done before. I also appreciated that they made me felt very well taken cared of and did not hard sell anything. My attendant, Des, was also super nice to trim my hair after at no extra cost. 

I was actually excited to take a picture right after the treatment but I thought all newly rebonded hair look nice and perfect (because of all the blow drying and flat ironing). So I waited 2 1/2 weeks to take a photo (without blow drying or doing anything extra for my hair). And tadah..

From :(

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[Believe it or not, this was taken indoors (no wind to blame)! I think it was inside Yoshinoya. I told my bf never to share this photo on Google+, but here I am sharing it to all of you guys. That's how I heart my readers, sniff]



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My hair is still in its pristine condition (just like the moment I stepped out of the salon)! My hair feels soft, very manageable, not overly flat, no tutchang (damaged hair) and less hair fall. Over all, I am one satisfied customer! So if you are looking for a nice and affordable salon, and you are near the Eastwood area, try Validosa Salon. They even have a 7 day warranty for your hair!

Tip: Look for Des, she's awesome!

Deals/promos may change so for more details, like Validosa Salon on Facebook now.

Until then.

Peace and Love!

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