My GLOWWing Skin Update!

5:45 PM

Now that I have already finished my first box of Gloww skin supplement (see my previous post HERE), let me update y'all about my experience. I know it's a bit early to see the results (been using it for 2 weeks), but there are a few differences on my skin (and inner system) that are worth spilling out.

I am taking 2 capsules every day; - one in the morning and the other one before bed time (both taken after meals). Since I started taking Gloww, here are some of the changes that I have noticed. Fyi, I am still using my old skin care regimen and I am not taking this in conjunction with other skin supplements. Now, onto the list!

1. The dry patches around my nose and cheeks improved. My skin feels softer than before. Now, putting my make up (especially liquid foundation) is a lot easier because I don't need to deal so much more with my skin's patchy issue.

2. Normally, my skin breaks out during that "time of the month". But this time, it didn't. I am not particularly sure if this is because of Gloww or just because my hormones decided to take it easy on me this month. But I feel that this phenomenon is still worth pointing out.

3. I have irregular bowel movement. But that changed ever since I popped my first Gloww capsule. Perhaps, it is also part of Gloww's detoxifying complex. It actually makes sense because when toxins are flushed from the inside, it makes the skin feel and look better.

I'm also happy to report that I didn't experience any skin breakout (note: I have sensitive skin), diarrhea or any weird feeling since I started taking Gloww. And on that note, I will still continue taking Gloww. Once I'm done with my fourth box, I will post another update (after a month and a half). So, stay tuned for that. 

Gloww (by Mega We Care, originally from Thailand) is an oral skin supplement that improves skin's condition. The damages of sun exposure, pollution and imbalanced diet, alcohol consumption and smoking stop us from getting glowing skin. Gloww consists of 11 essential nutrients that help noursih skin's CLBT. CLBT stands for Color, Luminosity, Brightness and Transparency. Gloww helps improve CLBT by nourishing the skin from underneath with its unique SKHN (Skin, Health and Nutrient) Complex. SKHN Complex strengthens collagen, detoxifies your skin, enhances blood circulation, protects it from harmful UV rays and free radicals. By purging the problem at its roots, the skin gets healthier and radiates a more natural glow. All natural ingredients. FDA approved.

Taken twice daily for the first two months, Gloww is an effective and safe way to achieve healthier looking skin. It's available at all leading drugstores nationwide (Php750/box).

For more information, like Gloww Philippines on Facebook.

*This is a sponsored post. See Disclaimer tab.

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