My Oleo Relax Treatment at Hair Philosophie Salon

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Dry, undernourished and icky; - three adjectives that unfortunately, best describe the present condition of my hair. Despite my everyday application of a decent hair conditioner on my mane, I can still feel my strands pleading for more attention. One (frizzy) touch was all I needed to schedule that long overdue pampering treatment that my locks desperately need. So when I was asked to try Hair Philosophie, the newest salon in Salcedo Village, Makati, I booked my appointment right away. I opted for their Oleo Relax treatment which is intended to transform dry and rebellious hair (what I have) to silky soft and beautifully tamed hair (what I need).

Located at the heart of Makati business district, Hair Philosophie Salon is the perfect place where even the busiest of them of all can relax, recharge and redefine beauty. 

As soon as I stepped inside this hair haven, I instantly felt the vibe of the place's industrial-chic ambiance.  The salon's extent space, fantastic layout and classy furnishing were definitely plus points in my checklist. See pictures below and y'all understand.

But this salon doesn't just have their interiors to boast. Because right after I opened the door, I was warmly welcomed by their staff.

 After a quick and friendly chit chat, they courteously directed me to my seat and offered some refreshments. They also provided me with magazines that I can browse to while waiting. They were also kind to readily gave me access to their Wi-Fi facility. I know most salons do these nowadays, but it was their initiative, that for me, raised the bar.

(my sparkling iced tea)

To prepare my hair for the Oleo-Relax treatment, my hair was washed thoroughly.

And then, an impressive amount of the Oleo-Relax treatment was generously applied on my hair.

Rizza and Junnel made sure that every strand of my hair was coated accordingly. I love their attention to details (and patience)!

Afterwards, Rizza massaged some more on my scalp.

And then after putting my hair on a bun and wrapping cellophane all over it, Rizza did not let any of my precious time unattended. She gave me one of the most relaxing head+shoulders+back massage ever!

And when the recommended time for the treatment to sink into my hair was finally up, my hair was rinsed thoroughly and then blow dried accordingly.

I remember how I keep touching my hair. Its silky texture was beyond what I expected. I'm sure if you can just grasp my hair on your screen, you would agree with me (and book an appointment.. like now!). At this point, I was already one happy customer. But Junnel offered to give the ends of my hair a quick trim too. Now at this point, I was beyond ecstatic.

And what better way to conclude this experience but with the old-fashioned before and after pics. Meet dull and lifeless BEFORE hair (taken without flash).

And then, say hello to a healthier-looking and definitely more vibrant AFTER hair (first two pics taken without flash too).

 (last two pics were taken after 5 hours and with flash by my 87 y.o lola :))

Now indulge me on a couple more after treatment photos!

 The Oleo-Relax treatment definitely softened, revived and brought luminosity to my hair. My hair never felt this exquisite in a long time, seriously! It made my frizzy hair vanished just like that. Plus, my hair smelled insanely good! I can see myself going back for this treatment anytime soon because even though I already washed my hair twice, the luster and softness did not disappear (yey!). So if we share the same hair story, I highly recommend the Oleo Relax treatment. It's a hair experience that you won't regret! :)

Hair Philosophie Salon is located at the GF of Finman Building, 117 Tordesillas St, Salcedo Village, Makati City. To make an appointment, you may call 836-7681. Please see the price list below for your reference.

For more information, like Hair Philosophie Salon on Facebook.


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