OMG Cracked Nail Polish in Gray

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I have never been a fan of shatter/crackle nail polishes. I just never leaned towards this nail craze. Perhaps my inner contentment with my traditional creme and occasional glitter polishes grounds me. Also, I feel that it's just a phase and I cannot fathom the point of paying more bucks for them (e.g. OPI: Php420, China Glaze: Php500).

But when I saw the OMG (Oh My Golly) Cracked line on display at Landmark, Trinoma and realized how incredibly cheap they are (Php34.75 a pop), I craved in. Despite the fact that there were only quite a handful left on display (they are indeed very popular), I still managed to score this shimmery metallic grey shade.

More pics after the jump!

And since the sales attendant successfully convinced me on how this gray polish will look under a white polish (which I couldn't remember if I have one in my stash), I decided to get the Bobbie Pure White polish (Php27.75) as well.

And my thoughts? Surprisingly, I liked the OMG Cracked in Gray polish. It shattered decently and I'd have to say is very much comparable to other high end shatter polishes. The formula is fantastic also. It applies like a dream and coats my nails really well. For its price tag, this is definitely worth every penny.

But here are just some points. It dries into a matte finish (which I distaste), so make sure you have a nice top coat on hand to take the dullness away. Also, it dries and cracks really fast so make sure to speed up with the application. 

And here it is in all its glory!

(two coats and with a top coat)

So do I recommend this? Hell yes! Even though I don't see myself picking another bottle anytime soon (since again shatter polishes are just not my thing), I totally recommend this to gals who dig the crackle-nail-effect look. So if you just want to try shatter polishes (like me), this is a good (and cheaper) alternative. :)

PS: I have only seen this line at Landmark, Trinoma. So honestly, other than there, I don't know where else you can get hold of them (sorry!).


Kiss Kiss,
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