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Every time I hear news about new beauty products being launched in the market, I always get really excited. So when I received information from Snoe that they will be adding a new sunblock in their already gorgeous line, my excitement was intensified a 100-fold! You see, my huge love for this brand made me ecstatic to the thought that another fantastic product from them will unfold right before my eyes!

Details after the jump!

The people from Snoe definitely made sure we really get the vibe of summer during the convention (despite the gloomy weather). Aside from decorating the place with eye candy ornaments, Snoe served us with thirst-quenching refreshments, heart-stopping entertainment and gorgeous-looking boys!

 (photo c/o Sophie)
(photo c/o Sophie)
(meet Chona from Snoe Market Market! talent: fire dancing!!!)

And the highlight of the event was when the newest sunblock in town, SunTervention was formally introduced. A separate post tackling about this new baby will be up soon! 

After a series of fun games, we were asked to use our Snoe money (sorry, forgot to take pics of them) to pick items that we like. If you are familiar with Snoe products, you already know how difficult this task was. Geez, I want them all!

So after careful deliberation, I went home with these:

(SunTervention, Hair Heroes Intense Argan Oil, Magic Apple Whitening S-rub)

And now, some fun pictures with my dear blogger friends!

 For more information, visit or like Snoe Beauty on Facebook. For updates, follow @SnoeBeautyInc on Twitter.


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