Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Blazing Blue Nail Polish

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Blazing Blue is definitely one of the prettiest dark navy blue polish that I have ever seen. Normally, I shy away from blue tones as deep as Blazing Blue because most of the time, a shade like this looks just another "black-ish" polish. But Blazing Blue is definitely different. It is infused with green and teal shimmers that when under direct sunlight, sparkle like a gem. The sight is so pretty that I can just gaze about my fingernails 24/7.

More pictures after the jump!

When the peeps behind Sally Hansen labeled this line as "insta-dri", they were definitely serious about it. My polish dried seconds after putting it on. I also like the squared tip brush because it made the polish application a lot easier (at least for me). The formula is great too. It coats the nails really well. It goes on really smooth; -never too tacky or streaky. The lasting power is fantastic as well. I applied it without a top coat and it lasted almost a week without chipping or flaking.

The only downside is the bottle contains only 9.17 ml of product which is relatively low compared to most polishes (15 ml average). This won't be an issue if the price difference is miles apart. But sadly, that is not the case. Insta Dri polishes retail for Php356 (9.7ml), while the Complete Salon Manicure line for Php399 (15ml). 

And here's Blazing Blue in all its glory on my nails (two coats and without a top coat)..


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