The Uber Pigmented Nars Taos Blush

5:24 PM

Hey ladies, I got another blush!

It's Nars Taos!
Taos looks so scary on the pan especially for fair ladies like me, but it is absolutely gorgeous once it hits the cheeks. Described to be as "desert rose", it gives a natural flush from within. However, a light hand an a good brush should be handy in order to achieve its gorgeousness and to avoid heavy packing of color. This blush is very pigmented so a teeny weeny little bit goes a long way. I'm not sure if I will be able to completely use up this pan in a lifetime (and that do not involve any exaggeration!) It is glowy and not sparkly and it sinks into my skin flawlessly. Such a pretty blush! :) Definitely worth the money and is absolutely a keeper!

Some swatches: 

By the way, I also got a free Nars pouch. :)


Peace and Love!

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