Watson's Haul: Belo Essentials

4:23 PM

I decided to drop by at Watson's just to buy a conditioner. But to my surprise (and my bf's), I left the store with five sachets of Cream Silk and these:

Yup, I grabbed few stuff from the Belo Essentials line. Well, since they are currently on sale and I really use them, I decided to hoard a little bit.

I am actually a Likas Papaya (local papaya soap) user for almost 12 years now. However, every now and then I alternate it with Belo Essential's Smoothening Whitening Body Bar (the pink one) because sometimes I feel bored by the former's lack of scent. I also love how Belo's microbeads scrub my dead skin cells away. Plus, I just love the scent of this soap! :)

I also decided to grab the lotions because of the "buy one take one" sticker posted on them and my beloved Mistine lotion is almost empty.  It will be my first time to try their new formulation though. I read from the label that they are now packed with glutathione, kojic acid and gigawhite. Sounds nice, right? I hope they won't fail me.

The Day Cover cream came with two free sachets of the facial wash which I also absolutely adore.  This has been my day cream for quite a while now and I must say, I love how it moisturizes my skin without feeling heavy. It also has spf15 which kinda shields me from the harmful UV rays.

Over all, I must say that I had a good deal. I was able to save a little over Php200 because I got these items on sale. Oh, I really heart the word SALE! Well, come to think of it, who doesn't?


Until then.

Peace and Love!

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