The Body Shop Camomile Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

5:19 AM

According to TBS website:
Best if you want to: Gently yet effectively remove all traces of your waterproof and long-lasting makeup and mascara with a mild, fragrance-and dye-free lotion.

How it works: Organic Community Trade camomile water, known for its calming benefits, cools and soothes skin.  Allantoin soothes skin and conditions lashes. Sorbitol, a naturally occurring ingredient found in many fruits, helps skin retain moisture, leaving it smooth and supple.

I love mascaras. I think most women do. However, the love for mascaras begets painful washings at the end of the day. Lucky me, I found this amazing product that replaced my old-fashioned petroleum jelly. It is gentle enough for my sensitive eyes. It does not sting at all. This stuff blasts away mascara easily and gently without over drying them like some eye makeup removers do. The texture is creamy, just like an ordinary facial moisturizer. I use it with a flat cotton pad. I normally just hold it over my eyes for like 1 minute and then sweep it across my lids. 
I love its non-greasy feel yet my eyes feel extremely moisturized. 

Retails for Php450.


Peace and Love!

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