Nars Super Orgasm

3:26 AM

According to many, this is Orgasm on steroids. It was so pretty on the pan. I remember I purchased this together with Orgasm because I was so indecisive. I don't know what to choose between the two. I even asked Lara to apply Orgasm on my left cheek and Super Orgasm on my right. They were both beautiful! Again, I love shimmers! I don't get intimidated even with Super Orgasm's chunky glitters. I think this is Super Orgasm's unique character that some people dislike. Well, not for me, obviously! :)

According to Lara, Orgasm is definitely better than Super Orgasm. And since Orgasm sells like pancakes, I opted to get it than Super Orgasm. After paying for my goodies, I did the 20-minute walk. The 20-minute walk is an advice that I read somewhere. As per the blog, if after 20 minutes, I still could not get over a particular item, I must get it right away or else, I'll be in great remorse. So to save me from future remorse, I went back and got Super Orgasm as well. Lara was laughing at me. 

After all the confusion and indecisiveness, here it is:
Well, I love the pinkish glow that Super Orgasm gives on my cheeks. If I find too many chunks on my blush brush, I just gently tap it off to get rid of the excess glitters. It looks natural on me and I frequently receive compliments every time I have this on. But I think this is not the blush for everybody.  My friend dislikes the glitters and even asked me to host her Super Orgasm on Well, it gained mix reviews at But for me, it is the kind of blush that is for keeps. :)

Retails for Php1450.


Peace and Love!

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