Mistine White Spa Extra Whitening Lotion

2:41 AM

According to the back label: A lotion that can be used all year round. Contains Alpha-Arbutin to make your skin whiter and Beta-Arbutin to achieve natural whiteness and softness that you can feel. A lotion distinguished by the soft and smooth texture due to Hydrolyzed (Oriental) Silk, silk of the eastern world that is famed as "Queen of Fibers", that coats the skin, retains moisture and slows down aging process. Protects your skin from UV-A, UV-B and IR with formula containing Triple Sun protection, a mixture of Titanium Dioxide and Coralina Officinalis Extract, an extract from tiny pink seaweed found in the Pacific ocean. Nurtures, nourishes your skin and prevents dryness with Magnolia Liliflora Extract that makes your skin soft and smooth. Makes your skin firm and smooth with Marine Collagen, the same collagen found in human, that is so tiny (300 nanometer) when compared to normal collagen. The tiny size allows it to be absorbed quickly and helps to refresh the skin, making it soft, smooth and prevents sagging.

Usage: Spread lotion all over face and body regularly or when required.

I am so in love with this lotion. I first bumped into this product at Rustan's Essenses in Shangri La. I love the scent it leaves on my skin. It is also non-sticky and glides smoothly all over my skin. I know some people who are quite intimidated with its strong scent, but not me nor my boyfriend. It's a whitening lotion that really works in my opinion. I also love how it sinks immediately on my dry skin and leaves it moisturized. The only downfall of this product is that it is not quite as accessible as any ordinary lotion. Due to its effectiveness, it is always out-of-stock on most of our local stores. That's why, I really stock up on this lotion. I normally grab 5 pieces every time I see stocks on the rack.   :)
Manufactured by: S&J International Enterprise (Public) Co. Ltd
             600/4 Sriracha Industrial Estate Cholburi, Thailand

Retails for Php 199.75
Net Wt: 200 mL


Peace and Love!

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