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 Most girls fall into nude shades. But I'm definitely not part of that league. I'm more drawn to colors. I'm naturally pale and colors bring out the more alive version of myself. And if there is one particular color that I tend to favor more (at least on make up department), it's pink! 

I am and perhaps will always be drawn to pink lipsticks for the rest of my lifetime. It's like it's already innate in me to adore them. And the more vibrant, the better (since I can just tone it down with a weaker lipstick shade/gloss)!

So it didn't come as a surprise that I had my eyes on Mac Pink Pigeon lipstick. In fact, it was the shade that I was most excited about in the recent Iris Apfel collection. In short, it was on top of my make up to-buy list!

More pictures after the jump!

Bold, yet wearable. Fierce, but delectable. Striking, yet romantic. These phrases encapsulated my huge love for this lipstick. Pink Pigeon is a beautiful deep vibrant pink. It's bright, but not so over the top like Candy Yum Yum. Despite its matte formula, it sits comfortably on my lips. If I didn't know this part, I'd probably thought of it as a satin or an amplified creme. It's creamy, not overly drying and highly opaque. Just one clean stroke and my pigmented lips are all set. The staying power is also amazing. It even leaves a nice stain to the lips after a few drinks and bites. It's definitely that perfect lipstick to carry on your purse for a party or for any occasion that requires minimal touch ups.

The only downside is this pretty doll is limited edition and is sold out already. So if the Iris Apfel collection hasn't reached your Mac counters yet, make sure to grab Pink Pigeon once it does. 


And here's Pink Pigeon in action! (beware of camwhoring) 

I L-O-V-E it! Definitely one of my favorite pink lipsticks! 


Kiss Kiss,
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