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I totally shifted gears with my skin and body regimen when I came across Snoe Beauty. Ever since that one afternoon, I can never have enough of their products (proof: my hauls). I remember, I even went all the way to Galleria just to stock up on my Snoe fixes. Good thing they already opened a stall at Landmark, Trinoma which is so much more accessible to me. 

(Snoe Kiosk at Galleria)

Helmed by sisters-in-law Jen Diaz and Gen Gerodias (who are both equally gorgeous,btw), Snoé is the emerging local beauty and cosmetics brand that presents "every Asian woman with a new confidence in the promise and reward of beauty, for less," says Gerodias. 

The stunning Jen and Gen are taking their first-hand knowhow of the industry to focus on a beauty line that addresses the unique needs of Asian women. For the duo, this project has been years in the making, but to finally realize their dreams is merely the bonus to sharing what they love with their community.

Jen admits to having experimented on her makeup and clothing since her formative years, and became a sunblock afficionado at the tender age of 16. Meanwhile, Gen's first recollections of makeup began at ten years old, with the help of baby powder, bathroom mirrors, and shampoo commercial impersonations.
Through the years, Diaz and Gerodias have accumulated a wealth of product experience. "I can't use one brand of hair care," Diaz gives an example, often shifting from one brand to the other, trying out different looks and styles. Gerodias, on the other hand, who was "introduced to the addictive world of mani-pedis at the age of 12," was trying out skin lightening lotions and branded moisturizers since her preteens.

Nowadays, their childhood obsessions materialize in the form of carefully curated ingredients formulated with the help of the duo's team of chemists and dermatologists; tested only on their closest friends and relatives, and on themselves, too; and packed with an avid consumer's point-of-view and sensibility.

"Snoé's advantage is that it addresses skin imperfections through a problem-solving approach," Diaz relates. Customers are encouraged to enter the boutiques, approach the beauty experts, and together arrive at the flawlessly fitting product for their predicament.

Aside from their community-centered philosophy, Snoé stays aware of fashion cycles and trends. With youthfully designed packaging and constant product developments with new wave ingredients as well as both imported and locally sourced staples.

Their current bestseller is their beauty bar line, coming in an array of colors, fragrances, and benefits. All made with high grade virgin coconut oil (rich in antioxidants and revitalizing nutrients), the soaps range from the whitening Glutathione versions to fresh-scented organic citruses and exfoliating oatmeal bars, et al.

[my fave: No. 3 Special Kojic with Glutathione Combo (red)]

Another big hit is their Moroccan Liquid Gold five-in-one hair treatment, with latest beauty powerhouse ingredient, Argan oil, to condition, vivify, hydrate, and cleanse. 

On the cosmetic side, they've got the Scarlet, Goddess, Crush, and Blush GlamJam cheek tints that also double as vitamin E-rich skin tone enhancers

"Beauty, in the eyes of the world, may not necessarily be achieved solely by using popular cosmetics from the West, because such things are formulated for the women and weather in that part of the world," Diaz suggests. It's this discrepancy among different skin types and environments that prompts Snoé to come out with such diversity in their formulations. "Since Asians live in more humid conditions and are more prone to sweating, we need beauty products that cater to our region's conditions," Diaz offers.

Adds Gerodias, "Our products contain ingredients that thrive in Asian countries," such as jicama-based sunblocks, papaya-infused cleansears, and calamansi-energized soaps. Whichever weather, whether it's fast-absorbing and non-sticky creams for the scorching heat, deeply invigorating salves for the dry air, or long-lasting finishes for those unexpected rainshowers, Snoé has it covered.

Simply put, as Gen relates, Snoé is "Stylish, premium, and Asian. We believe and encourage individuality while creating products that can cater to all. We are confident that every woman deserves the best and that everyone can reach their fullest potential."

For more information, visit or like Snoe Beauty Inc on Facebook. For updates, follow @snoebeauty on Twitter.

Thoughts? Share your favorite Snoe Beauty product below!

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