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I almost did not get Mac Flamingo lipstick from the recent Iris Apfel collection because it's a lustre. And as much as I adore the feel of lustre lipsticks on my lips (smooth and hydrating), I feel that they don't really do much on my pigmented lips. If I need a sheer wash of color on my puckers, I have a ton of colored lip balms (which are definitely less expensive) that will serve that purpose. You see, I changed over the years. I sold most of my lustre lipsticks and preferred full pack color on my lips.

But I didn't know what exactly triggered me in getting Flamingo. Funny because I bought it even without testing it on my lips (blame lazy and germ phobic me). Now that I think about it more, it might be perhaps because most people say it's comparable to Ever Hip (which I missed) or maybe because the hype of the whole Iris Apfel collection swoon me over.

Nevertheless, bottom line is, I am extremely grateful that I got Flamingo lipstick. It's gorgeous on the tube. And it is even more appealing on my lips!

More pictures after the jump!

Flamingo is a muted pinky-coral shade that for a lustre, has so much pigmentation on. It's like the perfect blend of the creaminess of a cremesheen and the glistening finish of a lustre. Despite having pigmented lips, I did not have a hard time in piling the color on my lips. Two quick swipes and the color was on. It perks up my face with just the right amount of freshness; - perfect for casual days! Another thing that I love about this shade is that it doesn't wash me out. With this, I can skip the hassle of putting a heavy eye make up and perhaps just dust a bit of blush on my cheeks and I'm all set. This is also a color that I bet will work on a wide range of  skin tones. 


Mac Flamingo lipstick in action!

The only downside, it's freaking limited (shocker!). 


Kiss Kiss,
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