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Without a doubt, Sugarbomb is my favorite blush from Benefit (and is one of my all-time favorite blushes too). I find it funny actually because I never really had high hopes for this blush to begin with. Yes I've read quite a lot of positive reviews about Sugarbomb, but for some odd reason, I never had the urge to purchase one for myself like ASAP. I can vividly remember how it even took me days before testing it out when my Benefit order came. Lets just say that I was so in love with Bella Bamba that I kinda underestimated the beauty of Sugarbomb. Big mistake! Because the moment I swiped it across my cheekbones, I became euphoric. It was so gorgeous that it instantly went up to "Holy Grail" status.

More pictures after the jump! (old packaging)

Benefit Sugarbomb has 4 complimenting, shimmering shades of peach, soft plum, pink and rose powders that when swirled together give my fair skin a nice, soft peachy-rose radiance. It is not as pigmented as Bella Bamba or Coralista, but the color is definitely buildable which means that it will work for a wide range of skin tones. Also, if you favor a particular color from the four, you can just load your brush with that and you're good to go. But I find that this blush delivers the prettiest when the colors are swirled together (at least on me). 

The shimmers in it might look intimidating at first, but don't despair because it reflects just the right amount of light on the face for that illuminating glow that I couldn't get enough of. There is no need for that extra highlighting step with this blush because it gives that glow-from-within flush on its own. It smells fantastic, stays decently on the skin and doesn't break me out. I can see myself using this blush for my entire existence. Although I am still far from using mine all up or even hitting its pan, I can already see myself rushing to the Benefit Cosmetics counter when I ran out of it. 


Sugarbomb in action! (taken under natural lighting/without flash)

So go try Benefit Sugarbomb! Retails for $28 USD/Php1600. 

For more information, like Benefit Cosmetics Philippines on Facebook or visit Benefit Cosmetics at Greenbelt 5.


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