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Glowing skin is on everybody's wish list. This explains the abundant number of highlighters, make up brightening bases and illuminating products in the market. Although these products work well in faking that radiant complexion, I would still like to have the courage to skip that extra dusting of meteorites on my face and greet the world with my bare, naturally-glowing skin. Who wouldn't want that, right? So when I stumbled about Gloww and read how promising this skin supplement is, I was all over it!

Gloww, a licensed formula of MEGA Lifesciences Pty. Ltd, nourishes skin via its SKHN (Skin Health and Nutrient) Complex, a unique product formulation specially designed to nourish the skin. It contains balance, optimal, and all-natural ingredients that will give your skin the nutrients it needs. Gloww consists of 11 essential nutrients that address the skin's 5 vital skin nourishing components.

Gloww effectively works in 5 nourishing ways:

1. Collagen Strengthening (Marine Protein, Horsetail extract, Hydrolysed Collagen) - provides skin structure, increase thickness of the dermis (2nd layer of skin), and adds moisture making the skin smoother and elastic.

2. Blood Circulation Enhancer (Grape seed extract, Lemon bioflavonoids) - improves blood flow in the distribution of nutrients and removes impurities that could give clearer and brighter skin.

3. Skin Waste Detoxifier (Green tea extract) - cleanses the skin's impurities, thus making the skin clearer.

4. UV Protectant (Tomato extract, D. Salina extract) - protects the skin from harmful UV rays thus preventing inflammation, redness and even melasma.

5. Free Radical Defense (Pine bark extract, Vitamin C, Vitamin E) - prevents our skin from advanced ageing and degeneration.

Gloww is not just packed with skin-loving ingredients. Gloww's efficacy is also backed up with a clinical study conducted by Spin Control Asia, a world class research center in France and Asia. The study shows significant improvement on the skin's CLBT after taking Gloww for 2 months.

1. Color (healthy pink pigments contained in the skin): Increased by 40%
2. Luminosity (shimmering, dewy skin, intensity of light spots in the cheekbones and forehead): Increased by 21%
3. Brightness (radiance of the skin): Increased by 51%
4. Transparency: Increased by 24%

Gloww is available in all leading drug stores (Php750/box). Recommended usage: One (1) capsule twice daily, with meals. I started taking Gloww three days ago and I will continue doing that for the next 2 months. With a supplement backed up with solid research, thorough studies and positive findings, I am looking forward in seeing how this path to a more luminous skin (a.k.a the GLOWW way) will unfold for me. I'll keep y'all updated, so stay tuned for that, ayt? But hey, if  anyone here is currently using Gloww too,  let me know how everything worked out for you, ok? I'll be ecstatic to know!

For more information, visit and like Gloww Philippines on Facebook.

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