A NARS Make Up Haul

11:50 PM

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably already know how devastated I was few days ago. The culprit? This scenario: a good number of my Nars make up lying on our parking floor, shattered to a million pieces. Why? What happened? I was moving my things from my old flat to my new place when my boyfriend accidentally dropped the second layer of my make up drawer. I burst into tears while my trembling hands picked each one of them from the ground. My Dior and Chanel blushes survived the fall (their velvet pouches protected them) but some of my Nars blushes (and one eye shadow) did not make it. I was shocked and totally heartbroken. After coping with my make-up related semi-depression (which took days), I finally decided to move on. I went to Rustan's Shangri La and bought new ones! 

I got the following:

Good thing everything that got destroyed are permanent items from Nars. I also decided to get a back up of my beloved Carthage lipstick (since Lara said it is already out-of-stock everywhere).

Group pic! :)

Now, I am happy to see the empty space in my make up drawer filled again with these babies. I am just missing one, my Nars Rajasthan eye shadow duo (which a friend promised to get one for me, yey!). 


Kiss Kiss,

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