Nivea Lip Care: Kiss Mark Campaign Launch

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Last Wednesday, I attended the launch of Nivea Lip Care: Kiss Mark Campaign which was held at Seventh High in Bonifacio High Street.  

I have been an avid user of Nivea lip balms for more than a decade now and just like any other fanatic, I was frantically oozing with eagerness to witness one of my favorite line of lip balms revamped. But it wasn't just the inner beauty junkie in me that was going gaga. My heart was also pounding like crazy for something (or someone) else.. I'll tell you the reason for my I-might-have-a-heart-attack-right-now moment in a bit! In the meantime, indulge me on sharing these pics!

Love this gorgeous (and fruity) set up at the registration booth! 


And then inside was this super chic station. I love how they used clear jars to hold the lip balms. So eye candy! 

I was asked to try the lip balms and I felt like a kid being rewarded for choosing what is right (and even that sentence is an understatement)

Nivea Lip Care has a wide range of selection (Active Care for Men, Angel Star, Cherry, Essential Care, Glamorous Gloss, Med Protection, Pink Guava (new), Pomegranate (new), Soft Rose, Strawberry, Sun Protect (SPF30) and Volume) that will ultimately suit anybody's need. Nivea definitely made sure that they have a solution for every lip issue; -from dull-looking to dry, heavily cracked lips. Sweet, right? And since I was wearing a matte lipstick, my specific need at that time was to add that extra punch on my puckers. So I put a tiny bit of Glamorous Gloss Natural on my lips and viola, instant brilliance!

I love how it gave my lips just the right amount of grandness! Now, if you want to know how I feel about the other variants, just keep your eyes peeled because I will be reviewing and swatching the others in a separate post soon. But if you want a better deal (read: free Nivea lip balms and a possible date with a certified cutie), then hear this out. Nivea Lip Care officially introduced their newest contest on Facebook called Kiss Mark. It is a fun application where you can win a full range of Nivea Lip Care products just by virtually kissing Mark Alejandro (the November 2011 Cosmo Online Hunk)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The game is simple (even less complicated than Angry Birds), amusing and rewarding (literally). But for us, the ladies in the house, things got a little bit crazier when the "Date The Hunk Game" started. This was the part where I almost collapsed! Why? Because when L.A. Ferriols (event host/fashion blogger) shouted the name of contestant #2, it was mine! I seriously felt my heart rate skyrocketed from 90 bpm to 160!

My initial seat/chat mates turned to fellow contestants: Martha and Bella! Hmm, blame it on our lucky couch! The questions were crazy (but my answers were crazier, haha). And after perhaps the longest 10 minutes of my life, Mark made his decision and chose..

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

...Martha!!! (pic was taken right after Mark's announcement. The expression on Martha's face was definitely priceless. Way to go girl!!!)

And then, chow time + unlimited chatting/laughing + almost endless photo op with my super awesome co-bloggers :)

With Kumiko
With Michelle and Martha
 L-R: Mikki of Nivea, Rowena, Shen, Me, Martha and Michelle
L-R: Shen, Rowena, Me, Martha, Michelle, L.A. 
L-R: Michelle, Me, Bella, VinVin, Mark, Rowena, Shen
 Again with Shen and L.A
 And lastly, with Mark Alejandro
My outfit:
Black cover up: Dorothy Perkins
Dress: Forever21
Shoes: Celine

So start (virtually) kissing now! Like Nivea Philippines and play Kiss Mark. I would be extremely delighted if one of you will win! So Happy Kissing everyone!!!


Kiss Kiss,

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