A Sneak Peek at Benefit Cosmetics Philippines + Price List

7:12 PM

Despite the distance and my not-so-feeling-well self, I still decided to conquer EDSA and be at the B Spot (Benefit office) yesterday for a sneak peek of the most loved products of Benefit Cosmetics. 

I'd say it was all worth the trip because these right after I entered the room, these treats effortlessly perked the life in me!

But I am not just talking about these oh-so-yuminess, sugar-loaded dainties. When I said treats, I was referring to these inedible beauty enhancing goodies as well!

I am no way new to this brand (I own most of their boxed blushes), but like a little girl left in a candy store, I was all ablaze in testing every single thing! It was like I died and went to make up heaven! And the best part, Mother Marvs (aka Mamita) of Benefit saved me from my paleness and did my make up!

And after hours of swatching, chit chatting and overloading on cupcakes, it was picture time with my beloved co-bloggers!

with Earth
with Danica
with Earth and Claire
 and my fave: group picture with the Benefit Team and the rest of my new found blogger friends!

So if you are lusting over Benefit Cosmetics, make a list now (did mine already) and make sure to drop by at their store opening on December 15, 2011 at Greenbelt 5. I'll be there too to stock up on more Benefit goodies! (say hi to me, ayt?) Price point: at par with Hong Kong and way cheaper than Singapore!

Thanks again to Benefit Cosmetics for a wonderful time and for these amazing goodies!

 (Cha Cha tint and Something About Sofia)


Kiss Kiss,

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