Rustan's Grand Mall Fragrance Boutique Tour

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I love perfumes! Spraying them on my skin is my everyday indulgence. For me, scent is a personal statement. It is a way of expressing myself and in conveying my personality to others. So when we were told that after the Laura Mercier Workshop, we will go straight to the Rustan's Grand Mall fragrance boutique for a little tour, my heart leaped with excitement! 

We were first introduced to Diptyque, - a brand which was founded by three artisans who perhaps because of their common interest and passion, eventually became friends and partners. 

These mini candles can be lighted on their own or combined with different scents to create a unique atmosphere. I never thought of lighting two or more different candles at the same time, so this was a nice tip for me. :)

Next, we have Herbas de Ibiza, - a cult favorite perfume range in England.

I was able to try one of their best selling scents, the Hierbas de Mallorca and its clean fresh scent notes smelled divine! 

And then we have Gendarme, -  a brand known for their classic crisp, fresh scents. Even women love wearing them!

Some of the biggest names in Hollywood are fans of Gendarme which includes Marcus Allen, Tom Cruise, Hugh Grant, Dustin Hoffman and Rod Stewart. The world’s biggest names in politics and sports also found Gendarme a complement to their personality such as Billl Clinton, Ronald Raegan, Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley, Kevin Garnett and Penny Hardaway who all embody the Gendarme Man. Women in the limelight also share their love for the sensual yet still professionally down-to-business Gendarme scents, Debra Messing, Sharon Stone, Janet Jackson, Dolly Parton and Brooke Shields. Not quite 15 years ago, LL Cool J’s wife gave him a bottle of men’s fragrance called Gendarme. The rapper/actor–born James Todd Smith III liked it so much he continued to wear it and tout it to his pals, preferring the clean, classic scent to other colognes flooding the market. Now, Todd Smith is Gendarme’s Brand Ambassador.

Rustan’s now carries the complete line of Gendarme fragrances including the fresh herbal tonic fragrance—Gendarme Green, the sensual and deep Gendarme V, the soft and subtle anniversary scent, Gendarme 20 and the uniquely feminine Carriere which continues the fresh direction of the men’s fragrance that inspires it.  

Next, Annick Goutal.

Originally a talented pianist, Annick Goutal's encounter with a perfumer from Robertet, France, inspired the launch of her eponymous frangrance house in 1980. Complemented by delicate, vintage-inspired packaging. Annick Goutal's exclusive range of fragrances and skincare, from body creams to candles and cleansers, are woven with innovative and exquisite scents to ensure a luxurious sensory experience. 

And now, we have Santa Maria Novella, - one of the oldest pharmacies/perfumery in the world. 

Their store in Florence, Italy opened to the public in 1612, but their fragrances and body products are based on the recipes that the Dominican friars of Florence had been developing using herbs from the monastery gardens since the 13th century. It was held by the Dominicans until the late 19th century when it became a private business. Today they market a wide range of fragrances, bath and body products, and home fragrances. They only have few stores worldwide and we are blessed to have one. 

After our little adventure, I felt great knowing that each of these perfume bottles carry a piece of history. And special thanks to the people from Rustan's because they did not let us leave without owning a few. Yey for free fragrant diffusing volatile liquids!

 Acca Kappa Muschio Bianco (50 ml)

Gendarme Spray Cologne for Men (60 ml)

And of course the inevitable, group picture after the event! Tadah, my gorgeous girls! :x

(photo credit: Ana)


Kiss Kiss,

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