Havaianas Final Call SALE Alert + My Purchases!

12:52 PM

I passed by at the All Flip Flops boutique at Trinoma Mall and I saw a long line of people patiently waiting for their turn to get inside and to shop some flip flops. Why? See below!

Apparently, I was so indulged on updating my layout (which I hope you guys like) that this yearly event almost got left undetected by my sale-radar. I can still vividly recall me and my mom falling in line at the same store last year. Well, I am not a shoe whore but I dig flip flops like big time! I rarely wear shoes which my best friend even thinks is kinda weird. Perhaps flip flops just represent my style best (simple, comfy & laid back). Plus, I love flaunting my pedicure, haha! So on that note, I lined up and prayed that they still have something nice in my size. I hate lining up and going home empty handed, y'know.

Everything was in order. The items were arranged by size which made things a lot easier. The people from All Flip Flops were also very nice in answering my queries and in assisting me. However, the styles and sizes were already limited (as expected). But since I was already armed with impeccable spirit beforehand, I still managed to walk out the door with these..

A midst all the funky designs and vast of color selection, I played it safe and settled with these boring, i-can-pair-with-anything flops.

High Light Preto

and High Light Marinho

And since I bought two pairs, I got 40% off per pair. Sweet!

I might check other stores and get more. How about you? Will you be hauling some havaianas too? Thoughts?

Kiss Kiss,

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