NARS Laguna

1:00 PM

I finally joined the bandwagon and purchased this wonderful bronzer. Nars Laguna is described as brown with golden shimmers. I have never really been a bonzer kind of girl. I always thought bronzers just make me look dirty or orange, but this one just gives me that natural glow.

I know that most of you have already seen Nars laguna bronzer perhaps a million times, but just in case your new to this product, check out these pics: 
I go very light with this product since I'm quite pale (NC20). But with the right intensity, this gives me the perfect "I've just had the most perfect time in the sun"-look. The powder is finely milled that it settles right into the skin giving me that natural glow.
It looks shimmery in the pan but don't worry. The slight shimmer works well to impart a healthy glow without being too over the top for daytime or bright lighting. It doesn't accentuate my pores like some products with shimmers do. The gold in it doesn't overpower the brown at all but only adds to the glow of the face. This product really does live up to its hype. I highly recommend this product! :)

Here are some swatches (taken with flash):
Love it! This is now my everyday bronzer. How about you? What are your favorite bronzers? Let me know, ayt?

Until then.

Peace and Love!

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