NARS Multiple in St Barts

5:11 PM

St Barts - another multiple that I am loving to bits! 
Described as 'taupe shimmer" by Nars, this gives my skin (NC20) that perfect bronze sheen without looking muddy or dirty. This is also the only multiple that looks good on my eyes, lips and cheeks. Sweep it over the eyes for that sultry make-up look (just use a good primer), over the cheeks as a substitute for a blush, or on the face and decolletage for that wonderful golden glow. It looks absolutely natural and subtle. It has shimmers but nothing over the top. It gives my face that sunny cast on days when I could use a bit of color. If you have deeper skin tones, this would be good as a highlighter. Again, multiples are cream to powder and set to a velvet finish. It is utterly lightweight, no greasiness or whatsoever unpleasant feeling on the skin. The color is gorgeous, the formula is to die for and the staying power is undeniably wonderful. Nars Multiples are quite pricey but definitely worth every penny in my humble opinion. One pop will last me forever! That's good enough for me :)

Here are some swatches (one swipe only):
(natural lighting)
(taken with flash photography)

Just imagine that blended out on your skin, - GORGEOUS! Will try to post FOTD once my allergies are gone. So what do you think? Let me know, ayt? 

Nars St. Barts Multiple -Retails for Php2250

Until then.

Peace and Love!

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