MAC Dirty Plum Blush from Liberty Of London Collection

6:44 PM

Dirty Plum (described as "deep plum" according to Mac's website), - a blush that I might not even swatch at the Mac counter. It's one of those colors that is pretty much pre-judged perhaps by a lot of fair women out there. It looks incredibly dark, dirty and very plum! I guess its name speaks perfectly for its shade. Mac did a great job on naming this one in my opinion. I never thought that this will actually work on my skin tone (NC20-ish). Hell yeah, lesson learned? - even make up should not be judged by its cover, period. 

Here are some closer shots :)

Dirty Plum is part of Mac's main line. It was just re-promoted with Liberty of London collection that's why I have it in a different packaging. Again, it looks very intimidating on the pan but with a light hand or a stippling brush, this transforms into a gorgeous rich mauve shade that gives color and definition on my cheeks. It's matte which is okay but sometimes I top it off with Nars Sparkling loose powder or Guerlain Meteorites for that extra kick. I really like this blush. I think this will suit all skin tones because you can definitely intensify the color if you wish to. I also enjoy pairing this with my Mac Raddichio lipstick. I think they are perfect for each other. However, my Mac girl said that this will also look nice with Mac Blooming Lovely lipstick which I did not pick up. I only have a few berry/plum lipsticks so if you have recommendations, let me know below. I will really appreciate it :)

 Oh by the way, I also use this to blend out some of my purple shadows. Isn't that amazing? Yep, I adore this blush! It's my first plum/lavender blush and I don't mind getting more in the future (better get Nars Crazed too).

Here are some swatches:

And a simple FOTD (and a little cam-whoring) using Dirty Plum blush:

What do you think about this blush? Let me know, ayt? 

Until then.
Peace and Love!

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