Aeroblu Giveaway Winners + Feedback

6:48 PM

Let me start by stating that I'm just a few days away from hitting the third trimester, and oh boy, you can bet all the extra belly baggage is causing so much tension on my lower extremities. Good thing, my Aeroblu slippers are doing a fantastic job in cushioning my occasionally-swollen feet. As a matter of fact, I am rocking another pair right now and might even get another one because I might size up soon. Yes, pregnant women really grow their feet.

By the way, let me blow kisses to everyone who joined my recent giveaway in partnership with Aeroblu Philippines. All 10 winners were notified accordingly and they replied promptly with their shipping information and shoe size. I can't wait for these ladies to receive their very own Aeroblu slippers so they can experience first hand how comfortable these pairs are without sacrificing durability and of course, style. #TibayAtStyle

Aeroblu Slippers are available in SM Supermarket, Hypermarket, Savemore, Robinsons, Waltermart, any (credible) Footwear Stores and on Lazada and Shopee.

Learn more about the brand by visiting Aeroblu Philippines on Facebook.


Kiss Kiss,

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