NARS Make Up Your Mind Eye Shadow Palette + Swatches

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Hand me a palette consisting of neutral, green and purple hues and I'll be all over it! And on that note, Nars definitely made me more joyous than ever when he released the Make Up Your Mind: Express Yourself Eyes kit (Php5250). How could I not jump with joy? The kit contains some of my holy grail beauty items; - larger than life volumizing mascara, smudge proof eye shadow base, eye make up remover and the star of this post, the Make Up Your Mind Eye Shadow Palette.

 First Row (L-R): Abyssinia, Silk Road II, Strada
Second Row (L-R): Galapagos, Fuji, Brumes II

Abyssinia (delicate pearl sheen) is my newest favorite subtle highlight color. On days when I don't like that extra frost or shimmer from my other highlighters (like Nars Edie or Urban Decay Virgin), I reach for this. I use this as brow highlighter or a quick all over lid color and I love how it gives me that natural and effortless polish look. 

Silk Road II (rose gold with golden flecks) is one of the prettiest shade that I have seen and is a lovely alternative to neutral browns. I love rose gold but working with this shadow is not as easy as I thought it would be. The golden flecks in this shadow tend to give me massive fall out! 

Strada (amethyst infused with gold) is a beautiful bluish lavender tone that I love to use as a transition color to spice up my neutral shadows. However, I find that when I use this alone, it goes a little uneven and patchy. 

Galapagos (bitter chocolate infused with gold). I already have this in it's single form and in my Essential Eye Palette but it's a gorgeous rich brown color that having it again and again will be a pleasure. Although the gold glitters do not show up that well on the lids, it is still a stunning color! 

Fuji (sophisticated army green) is a rich, pigmented shade that I couldn't get enough. I love green shadows because they make my brown eyes pop and Fuji is definitely one of the best greens in the market in my opinion. It is a wearable shade of green that can take a look from day to night depending on how much you pack the color on your lids. 

Brumes II (blue slate) is a shade that I have been eyeing ever since it was released in a Nars collection not so long ago. It is a shimmery charcoal blue grey that I use to build up a smokey eye look without the harshness of straight black. It works as a nice liner as well.

Swatches (swiped once, dry and without a base)


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