Urban Decay NAKED 2 Eye Shadow Palette

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Here's a fact that I will claim openly; - the original Urban Decay Naked palette rocks and I love it to bits! Besides the fact that my big sister gave it to me, its versatility and compactness made me favor it more compared to my other palettes. So when the Urban Decay released the Naked 2 palette, I was beyond ecstatic. I know that in no time the inner beauty junkie in me will not be able to resist its beauty and just fall into getting it as if the world would end if I don't. And true enough, this theory just blossomed into a reality some time ago. Presenting, my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette ($50) in all its glory!

For starters, I prefer the packaging of the Naked 2 compared to the original one. Yes, it reminds me (and perhaps most of you) of typical tin pencil cases, but if that element is the only thing that will keep this palette sturdy and travel-friendly, so be it. I also like that the Naked 2 has a full size mirror because the original has a tiny one, which is a shame really. However, the double-ended cruelty-free Good Karma shadow/crease brush is not the best in the world. It just works fine. Nothing spectacular really. The mini Beauty Junkie lip gloss in Naked is also nice, but I still think that including an eyelid primer instead of a gloss will be a lot wiser (since I'm not a big gloss person).

Now, onto the shadows. The Naked 2 palette contains 3 matte shadows, and 9 shimmery/metallic ones. The shadows in this palette are also reformulated. They are smoother, creamier and they blend easier compared to the ones in the Naked 1 palette. 

Foxy - matte pale yellow beige
Half Baked - warm shimmery gold 
Bootycall - frosty white-beige
Chopper - shimmery copper 
Tease - matte dirty mauve-brown
Snakebite - dark bronze


Now onto the second half!

Suspect - frosty medium champagne gold
Pistol - a greenish gray brown
Verve - pale silver brown
YDK - warm coppery brown
Busted - deep burgundy brown
Blackout - matte intense deep black


The shades are all fantastic. They are pigmented and stays decently on my well primed lids. I have been using Foxy as as a subtle brow bone highlight and Bootycall as an inner eye corner highlight non-stop! I also like how Tease can work as an eyebrow shadow for me. And don't let me get started with how I love Blackout. It is seriously one of the most intense black that I have ever owned. Gorgeous! Chopper is also an amazing all over lid color. No wonder Kim Kardashian swears by it. 

So overall, I'm happy to report that shadows in the Naked2 palette didn't disappoint me. Well, perhaps just on one thing. I didn't like Half Baked showing on the Naked 2 palette again. If they put Naked (which I'd totally understand because it is a NAKED palette), I would be so much happier. But then again, I have both Naked palettes so perhaps I should stop complaining. But seriously Urban Decay guys, what were you thinking?

Now, the hard question: Which do I prefer? Shade-selection wise, definitely Naked 1 (a separate review will be posted soon)! But over all, I'm still on the fence about it. C'mon, both are gorgeous palettes. Now, do you need to own both? Well, I'd say you guys will need to decide that matter on your own. Because I dig neutral shadows and I don't mind owning a variety of them (even of just their slight differences). But this I'm sure of; - whether you're a newbie or a hard core make up addict, you need to get one of the Urban Decay Naked palettes!

FYI: I bought my Naked 2 from House of Flair for Php3200 (free shipping!)! 


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