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If you receive the beauty memo, you'd already know that the color of the year (2012) is tangerine tango. Orange is a color that has always been close to my heart, and now that the spotlight is on her, I (together with a gazillion other people) feel extremely captivated. I just love how this shade brings instant warmth to anything it touches. It's a stunning shade that works on a wide range of skin tones. And on that note, there is this mango-tinted lip and cheek color that has been my no-fail beauty booster. Yes, it's no other than Benefit Cha Cha tint!

When I need that peachy orange glow that will last for ages, I always count on this little guy. Described by Benefit Cosmetics as "a mango-tinted stain that beautifully blushes the lips & cheeks with a tropical hue", Cha Cha tint really brings that sun-kissed summery look on the skin. Housed in a nail polish-looking bottle, its gel-like consistency makes it easier to use (at least for me). I find that I only need to brush three short strokes on my cheeks, blend them as fast as I can with my fingers and the result? - gorgeous looking soft peachy-orange skin. The only downside is this tint seriously dries a lot faster compared with its other sisters (Posietint and Benefit). With that being noted, let me reiterate that speed is a vital  key in working with this product. Failure to do so will leave your cheeks with streaky, blotchy orange spots which in any case, is not a pretty site. I advise popping this one cheek at a time.

I also love using this as a lip stain because despite my pigmented lips, it was still able to deposit a punch of color on my puckers. I have naturally rosy lips, and with Benefit Cha Cha tint, they transform into a nice coral reddish hue. To achieve this, I apply this like an ordinary lip gloss but with added extra precision. And then, I wait for the tint to settle on my lips. If I wish more color, I throw another 2-3 layers. However, I find that it can be a little bit drying on the lips so I make sure to pop a balm underneath or I top it with a clear moisturizing gloss. 

Benefit Cha Cha tint retails for Php1800/US $29 for 0.42 fl oz. The price might be a bit steep, but don't despair because a little goes a long way with this product. A full-sized bottle will last (and stain) you for a really long time. 


And here's Cha Cha tint on my cheeks and lips after my 12-hour shift!


Kiss Kiss,

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