NARS Desire: My First NARS blush for 2010

9:54 PM

Wanna have gorgeous pink cheeks? Well, if you answered YES, one way to achieve that is to get this blush! Just by looking at it, you'll definitely know what I'm talking about. So, please scroll down.
I'm sure, most ladies will think it is too bright. That's is always Desire's first impression. But once you apply it with a light hand, you will get the most incredible natural blush. I'm NC20 for reference and this color is exactly the same color of my cheeks when I naturally blush! Described as "cotton candy pink" by Nars. Desire is a bubble gum pink that works well to brighten and prettify, as any pink blush should. The pigment is also densely packed that you don't have to swipe your brush a million times to get a good color payoff. Very long lasting too. I'm sure I won't be able to hit pan with this baby anytime soon! Another Nars winner in my opinion.


Until then.

Peace and Love!

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