My First Package in 2010: Johnson's Body Care Gift Package

10:46 PM

Hey Dolls and Gents, I'm so back! I missed Manila so much! So tell me, how was everybody? Me? When I got back, I was thrilled  that a small LBC package was waiting for me in my bedroom. It was from Johnson's and Johnson's! Yep, I was one of those girls who clicked this LINK and got a beautiful gift from them. Click the link too because Johnson's and Johnson's is giving away this package while supplies last and definitely free of charge!

And that lovely package looks like this:
I got samples of their 24-Hour Lasting Moisture and Melt Away Stress. I am so loving the latter that I might hit Watson's anytime soon to get a full size bottle of this! :)

Thanks again Johnson's and Johnson's!

Peace and Love!

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