Zara HAUL!

12:28 AM

It has been awhile since I shopped at Zara. So when I spotted them on sale last month, I jumped into the chance of stumbling into drool-worthy pieces, without paying full price. And oh boy, Zara didn't disappoint me. I posted this picture on my instagram account (follow me @becsandiego) awhile back, and if you dolls wanna know what's inside my Zara bags, then stick around.

Let me tell you that there are three fashion things that I'm obsessed with - shorts, FitFlop and blazers. So imagine how I almost cartwheeled when I saw the blazers that I was eyeing for on clearance. 

I grabbed the green one without even blinking. 

Then, I stared at the red one and thought it would totally look great with my Tory Burch Reva flats in Lobster, so I picked it up as well. 

Then, I checked every rack inside the store trying to find a nice casual dress; -failed! So I went back to the suits rack, and decided to snag the orange blazer as well. It's a fun color that would instantly bring life to my wardrobe.

How about you? Did you get anything from Zara lately?

Kiss Kiss,
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