My L'Oreal x Tony & Jackey Korean City Hairstyle Transformation

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Truth be told, I don't experiment with my hairstyle that much. You see, I had my fair share of bad hair days brought by a variety of heartbreaking things - a haircut gone wildly wrong & the dreaded broom effect due to hair relaxing to name a few. Just reminiscing those days makes me feel down in the dumps, big time! 

So saying yes to hair perming was a huge step for me. It was one of the most deliberated move that I made, beauty-wise. I don't even own a curling wand for heaven's sake. But I realized that there are some risks worth taking. And oh boy, I'm so glad I did. Witness how L'Oreal and Tony & Jackey transformed my boring straight hair to sexy, bouncy locks the Korean way!

With the Korean invasion hitting Philippine shores, it has been inevitable for Filipinos to dip into anything Korean - from music, fashion, beauty, and whatnot. Korean women are known to sport distinct hairstyles that showcase luscious curls or fringes, which are equally stylish and edgy, but most importantly healthy and shiny.

With the Korean hair phenomenon amongst us, L'Oreal Professionnel presents the Korean City Style Collection. Inspired by Korea’s top three culturally influential districts, this new collection offers a new set of perms aimed to transform ordinary-looking hair to the much-celebrated Korean tresses.

Busan Style (Php2,800) – An artsy, romantic, and Bohemian vibe Bubble Perm look inspired by the cultural and artistic city of Busan.

Gangnam Style (Php8,000) - a glamour chic see-through glam perm look that can easily blend into the trendy parts of the city that is inspired by the richest district in Seoul.

Hong Dae Style (Php2,800) – a youthful and cute pop perm look inspired by the trendy and funky vibe of Hong Dae. Each trendy style is reflective of the district that has its own distinctive style, from clothes to hair to attitude that would best suit any type of Filipina and her personality. 

I opted to get the Gangnam Style. Come join me reminisce the whole process with these pictures below! 

And after roughly two hours, here's the final look! Thanks Mika, the Senior Hairstylist at Tony & Jackey Makati branch for my fabulous locks!

Now with fellow bloggers Rhea and Earth!

And the inevitable group pic! :)

Creating beautiful hair though the advanced technologies is not complete without proper maintenance and styling. Complete three Korean City Style looks with the help of other key L’Oreal Professionnel products.

1. Towel dry hair and blow-dry it with an application of both Mythic Oil and full Volume Mousse to build up the foundation of bouncier looking curls.

2. To provide extra hold for shorter hair, apply Playball Density Material for the idea Busan and Hong Dae Style.

3. For the Gangnam style, add extra hold by spritzing Elnett Spray to lift and hold longer length hair.

4. Finish off the three Korean City Style looks with a pump of Crystal Gloss for added shine.
To know more about L’Oreal Professionnel Korean City Style and its #LOrealKoreanStyle campaign, visit:


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