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Ever since I jumped into the BB cream bandwagon years ago, I never came back. Tell me, what's not to love in this cosmeceutical? It's a foundation, moisturizer, primer, sunscreen, whitening and anti-ageing cream rolled into one. It cuts my getting-ready routine remarkably short, giving me ample time to wisely choose what lipstick to wear.

So naturally, when I learned that a new version of this cream would be released, I was deeply intrigued. Chanel coined the name of this breakthrough product as CC Cream, which by the way stands for Complete Correction. Next thing I know, I was calling my reliable Chanel MUA and reserving one for myself.

Google tells me that a CC cream is like a BB cream on steroids. BB cream is more of a preventive product, while CC cream, as the name implies leans more on the corrective side of the fence. I've been constantly using my Chanel CC Cream ever since I got it last May, and here's my two cents.

For starters, I love that it's housed in a simple squeeze tube packaging. Although I love how fancy a pump tube feels, at the end of the day, I still don't want to trouble myself with a clogged pump.

The consistency is a bit on the thicker side compared to most BB creams that I've tried in the past. If you're used on how BB creams spread like a dream on the skin, the Chanel CC Cream needs a little more work since it dries quicker too. What I prefer doing is putting a pea size amount of the product one at a time on various spots on my face, and gently pat the product onto my skin. It has medium coverage and it dries down to a semi-matte powdery finish, so I never set it afterwards. But if you have oily skin, you might want to add a dash of finishing powder afterwards.

Despite its thicker consistency, this cream is buildable and doesn't look cakey at all. On me, I find that it lasts all day. It works well in concealing the broken capillaries around my mouth, and a few of my not-so-dark blemishes. If you have dark post-acne marks, hold on to your concealers because this cream would not cover them completely. It also has a subtle nice scent that goes away minutes after application.

What really impressed me with this product is how it made my skin look remarkably radiant, - as if it infused my skin with a fast-acting youth serum. My pores look incredibly minimized, making me look more rested and glowing. It stays true to color and never oxidizes on me. Most importantly, it doesn't break me out.

As much as I would like to hail this as a perfect product, it still has a couple of downfalls. First on the list, this is an Asia-exclusive release only. Meaning all folks outside the continent would not have direct access to it. Also, this comes in one shade only. I have light asian skin tone, and it fits me perfectly. If you have deeper skin tones, this would probably look ashy on you. This one ounce tube also comes with a hefty price tag - Php2750 to be exact. But don't fret because a little bit of this product goes a long way. Meaning, one tube would last you a good amount of time to finish. 


On me! Btw, excuse the puffy eyes. Poor me, I only slept for 2 hours.

Although a part of me still see this as an over-hyped product, I still love this CC cream to the moon and back and I highly recommend it!

How about you? Have you tried CC creams before? Share your faves!

Kiss Kiss,
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