Hang Ten Mid Year SALE + My HAUL!

9:09 PM

There is no argument when the words SALE and HAUL are found in one sentence (or in my case.. in my blog post title). It's inevitable, especially with Hang Ten's mid year sale! Take a good look at the poster below and prepare to be shocked! Oh yeah, tops as low as Php599. Bottoms dropped to Php499. Shoes and accessories for less that Php300! Mind-blowing, right?

Now scroll down to see the pieces that my loving big brother bought for me (aka his post-birthday treats for me!).

Lets start with the tops!

(reduced from Php895 to Php199)

(reduced from Php795 to Php199)

(reduced to Php845 to Php399)

Next, bottoms!

(reduced from Php595 to Php199)

(reduced from Php695 to Php199)

(reduced to Php645 to Php199)

And lastly, bags! :)

(reduced from Php1295 to Php299)

(reduced from Php695 to Php199)

I love everything! Thanks again Kuya! And guess what, my mom also hauled the next day. Here are the stuff that she purchased!

(reduced from 695 to Php399)

(reduced from 695 to Php399)

(reduced from Php895 to Php399)

So there you go, that's our big Hang Ten haul. So what are y'all waiting for, rush to your nearest Hang Ten boutique now! Mind y'all, they also have this amazing promo in partnership with Bioessence. See poster below!

I got three passes already! Yey! :)


Kiss Kiss,
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