Camaru Naturals Acerola White C Whitening Soap

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When people that you get to see 24/7 suddenly tells you how your skin looks incredibly amazing weeks after switching to a new skin regimen, you only have one rational thing to do: believe them! And yup, that's exactly what I did when my family and friends showered me with praises (and questions) after using Camaru Naturals Acerola White C whitening soap!

Description: Camaru Naturals brings you a selection of natural Japanese soaps that are made from natural high quality ingredients based on the ancient secret of the Japanese women to achieve their legendary smooth and flawless complexions. This exclusive formulation restores long-lasting hydration, radiance and clarity.

Acerola fruit is abundantly found in Barzil and is one of the world's richest natural sources of Vitamin C. This important antioxidant ingredient helps reverse the effects of skin damage caused by the sun and pollution and helps brightens uneven skin tone.

This whitening soap is made from the extract of Acerola fruit combined with Camellia Oil, Rice Bran Oil and Papaya Extract to give you a healthier, brighter and younger looking skin.

To jump start, Camaru Naturals, a proudly Pinoy brand, uses only premium-grade natural ingredients (see list below). Their products are all paraben and mineral oil free.

My first bar was given to me by Martha of The Beauty Junkee when we had a make up work shop months ago. I tried it, loved it and when I saw the results, I got hooked on it. And mind you, not just me. My mom and some of my friends started using this bar too, and they all liked it.

For starters, I love its refreshing lemon-y scent. I find some citrus scents a bit too much sometimes, but this one has just enough kick to jump start my mornings. It lathers well and doesn't melt easily compared to other organic soaps that I tried before. With that being said, I don't resort to meticulous cutting of soaps anymore.

 I use this all over my body, twice a day. It's not the most moisturizing soap, but it doesn't dry out my skin that bad either. I let this sit on my skin for a few minutes before rinsing it out, and yeah it stings a bit (especially on a zit). I also like it micro-peeling effect. After every  3-4 days of using this, I scrub my body and next thing I know, layers of dead skin cells are heading down on my drain, leaving my skin smoother and more radiant-looking! 

And the more I use it, the more I fell in love with the results my skin is getting. It doesn't just whitens my skin, but I find that it helps heal my occasional rashes as well. Add to that, it dries up pimples too over time. See below the things that this Acerola White C soap promises to do!

Amazing, right? The only downside is this product is not readily available in supermarkets or in beauty boutiques. To be able to get your hands on this spectacular product, you have to order online via Camaru Natural's Facebook page. One bar retails for Php125.

For inquiries and for more information, like Camaru Naturals on Facebook. 


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