SNOE Hair Heroes Super Fresh 5 in 1 Cleansing Conditioner

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Besides our crazy wet weather, there's another thing that is keeping me, specifically my mane, cool and refreshed! Presenting another (hair) hero in town; - Snoe Hair Heroes Super Fresh with Sage Tea Tree and Peppermint (250 ml and retails for Php 499)!

Product description: "Invigorates the scalp and fights dry flakes, all while moisturizing and detangling your marvelous mane. Even the most severe and persistent scalp conditions can be treated with this extra-strength formula. Annoying dandruff, psoriasis, scaling, and crusting are all effectively controlled with the gentle massage of this rich Cleansing Conditioner. Your hair will be left clean, soft, and fully manageable. It's also a fabulous foot treatment for tired, aching feet, as well as a great shaving lotion."


Sage Oil: Proven to boost hair growth. It soaks up excess oil and makes dirty hair fresh. It helps in reversing hair loss problems, promoting hair growth, and it thickens and strengthens compromised hair shafts for better manageability and shine.

Australian Tea Tree: Will help unblock hair follicles while moisturizing your scalp and keeping it free of bacteria and fungal problems. It treats hair problems like persistent dandruff and itchy oily scalp. It gets rid of hair and scalp build up from styling and environmental exposure.

Peppermint: Balances pH level of scalp to put a stop to oily hair. Treats dry scalp and dandruff. Relieves itching, stimulates hair follicles and hair growth and leaves hair feeling fresh all day.

Hexamidine: Antimicrobial with a wide spectrum of activity against bacteria, fungi and yeast. Will minimize oily scalp, irritation, acne and dandruff.

It is also a 5 in 1 product! You can use as a cleansing conditioner, an after shampoo rinse out conditioner, a head massage stimulant cream (massage unto scalp for 15 minutes to promoth hair growth), a deep treatment mask (leave on for 20 minutes before rinsing) or as a leave on conditioner. 

I happen to love using this as my daily rinse-out conditioner after I shampoo my hair. I pump a generous amount (see pic below), pile it on my hair and then I let it sink there for around 5 minutes. While waiting, I savor the addicting cool and refreshing feel that it leaves my scalp. I tell you, it feels heavenly! And after rinsing it out, I am left with gorgeously soft and manageable hair. 

And once my hair is all dried up, it appears shinier and healthier. I also like that it leaves my hair that subtle minty scent. And the best part, it makes my hair divine-looking all through out the day! I have been using it for weeks already, and it didn't irritate my scalp in any way. No dandruff and no split ends = happy me! :) Below is a pic that I took perhaps after 14 hours of wearing it. Fyi, I didn't blow dry my hair beforehand. 

Oh, I also tried using this as an overnight treatment for my tired and aching legs, and it worked absolutely fabulous as well!  

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