CLINIQUE Pore Refining Solutions Stay Matte Hydrator

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I need to make a confession. Despite my awareness on how a moisturizer can save my skin from premature aging and delaying all the bad stuff, there are still mornings where I still get tempted to skip my day cream and just walk straight out of my door. You see, I have combination skin (Clinique Type 2) and sometimes, day creams tend to leave my face looking a tad shinier that normal. And don't let me start with how our humid weather + my inability to blot all day is making this condition more frustrating than what it is already. Clearly, I don't want to tote a greasier version of my face anywhere, anytime. 

So to avoid "shining in the wrong way", I now lean towards using oil-free and mattifying day moisturizers. And today, let me share with you my current go-to moisturizer that I find doesn't just help control shine, but refines pores as well. Enter Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Stay-Matte Hydrator (Php2,650).

Fact: Pores are the passageways for oil to be released onto the skin. Oil production is directly related to the size of the pore; the larger the pore, the greater the oil production. The truth is oily skin is a common concern among women of all ages, worldwide. Inconsistent cleansing, fluctuation of hormones, inflammation and hot and humid climates can all exacerbate the condition. Too much oil production also causes skin to appear shiny and greasy - an unflattering trait that can cause women to feel very self-conscious, finding the need to blot their face throughout the day. The catch is, even oily skin types need moisture.

Solution: As a leader in the dermatological concerns category, Clinique has developed the perfect solution to help control oil production, while also providing skin the necessary moisture it needs. Introducing Pore Refining Solutions Stay-Matte Hydrator - a moisturizer that instantly mattifies the skin, controls excess sebum and provide oil-free hydration throughout the day.

Why I love it? For starters, I love that it is housed in a pump bottle. This makes it hygienic, spill-proof and travel-friendly. I also like that it dispenses just the right amount of product. One pump is all I need to cover my entire face (see pic at the end of the post). The formula is divine too; -lightweight, oil-free, fragrance-fee and really mattifies the skin instantly. But the fun part is, it mattifies yet still leaves the skin velvety smooth and soft (but without the silicone-y feel of mattifying primers, if you know what I mean). I use it alone or on top of my make up every single day sine I got it, and it serves really well. Its oil-control ability is beyond anything that I've ever used. I put this on around 6am everyday, and it keeps oil at bay for the next 7-8 hours (seriously!). The difference on my face when I have this is on phenomenal. Looking in the mirror at mid-day without the urge to pull my blotting sheets is quite a refreshing feeling, really. I also have sensitive skin and this didn't break me out. That's another "yehey" point!

Yes, I'm aware that there are a lot of mattifying primers in the market today which combats Mr. Shiny Face. But what kicks this product a notch higher is the fact that it doesn't just stop at mattifying the skin or in making make up lasts longer. It also contains innovative optical technology that diminishes the appearance of pores. It is absorbed quickly by the skin and helps maintain skin's equilibrium while providing just the right amount of moisture the skin needs. It is skin care, in its truest meaning. Read on!

This multifunctional moisturizer takes a 3-prong approach to provide all day shine control while minimizing the appearance of pores immediately and over time for fresher, younger looking skin.

1. Controls surface shine and excess sebum production without leaving skin feeling dry or uncomfortable.
> Laminaria Saccharina extract helps minimize excess sebum production, resulting in less surface oil over time.
> Alcohol Denatured provides an initial cooling and pore tightening sensation, helping reduce surface oil to leave skin feeling clean and refreshed.

  2. Hydration helps strengthen skin.
>Grandlipid is a cocktail of natural ingredients that help rebuild the skin's moisture. It helps support cells while they mature, which helps the pore wall remain strong.
>Hydrogenated Lecithin is a natural ingredient derived from soybeans which help skin's moisture.

3. Skin refining and pore minimization helps keep pres clean and skin looking smoother and more refined.
>Siegesbeckia Orientalis Extract helps support skin helping to make the pores appear smaller and tighter.
>Acetyl Glucosamine is a skin exfoliating technology of amino-sugar that helps pores clear of dead surface skin cells, so pores appear smaller and tighter.

And here's one pump on my skin!

*Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Stay-Matte Hydrator will be available at Clinique counters natiuonawide and at for a suggested retail price of Php2,650/US$37. For more information, like Clinique Philippines (Official) on Facebook.


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