Coming Home To Mandaue Foam

11:43 PM

It has been my dream to have a place of my own. Just imaging myself painting my walls and designing my own home is already quite an explicit experience. So every time I pass by a furniture shop, I can't help but window shop. And there is one particular brand that I have been eyeing for a long time; - Mandaue Foam.

Here are my top three picks!

Margaret seater which I will place near my bedroom window. For starters, I love the taupe color and how it looks cushy and comforting. I can see myself lounging on this sofa like nobody's business! 

Next, this grandiose bed; - Astoria Bed with two night stand. Just by looking at it, I can already feel like a princess! I am looking forward in spending my nights and my dreams in this bed. 

And lastly, a sleek vanity dresser where I will store all my beauty essentials! Love this Dressing Table With Stool

I hope y'all like my choices! Well, you can also try pinning furnishings that you would like to get for your home someday. Remember, "your home, your imagination." Check Mandaue Foam's newest commercial HERE and build a dream of your own!


Kiss Kiss,
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