My MOSBEAU Giveaway Winners!

12:09 AM

Hi dolls! As always, before jumping into the best part (announcement of the winners), indulge me in thanking everyone who participated in my short giveaway. Despite the giveaway ran for only 4 days, I really appreciated the whooping 343 total entries! Also, let me extend my huge gratitude to all the people behind Mosbeau for making this post-birthday giveaway possible! 

Now, time to reveal the lucky winners of these bags!

Winner 1: Mary Ann Cueto

Winner 2:  Rhia Maghukupas

Winner 3: Mildred Corazon

Winner 4: Andi Tolentino

Winner 5: Susana Irenea Loyola Borja

Congratulations dolls! I also sent y'all a confirmation email. Make sure to reply to my message accordingly within 72 hours. Failure to do so, will invalidate your slot. Do me a favor of not having the trouble to redraw, ayt?

If you didn't win today, don't despair because I will be hosting a lot of giveaways this month. July (my birth-month) is giveaway month, remember? :)

Kiss Kiss,
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