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Stripping it ALL off down there (aka Brazilian wax) is a procedure that requires a strong will, a positive outlook and one hell of a good waxing service! Now if you already possess the first two elements, it's time to search for that holy grail waxing salon that is equipped with specially trained therapists (aka Waxperts), uses nothing-but-the-best-quality wax and most importantly has high regards for hygiene. This part is tedious and sometimes heart breaking because really, you never know what you are getting into until you experience it, right? But let me save y'all from the ugliness of trial and error (read: burns, irritations, wax remnants, etc). Follow my lead as I share with you my first Brazilian wax experience at Strip Ministry of Waxing - Greenbelt 5.

with Helen

More pictures after the jump!

With Jenny, Strip Ministry of Waxing VIRGIN.

And now, let these pictures take you inside Strip Manila - Greenbelt.

(reception area)
(This quirky poster definitely caught my attention! )

And now inside my treatment room (positive note to self: where all the fun will happen!).


Fun facts!

Strip adheres in stripping those unwanted hair in a very sanitary and hygienic way. Recycling is a no-no to Strip. Each Brazilian wax customer will be given their individually sealed Hygiene pack (see pic below), which includes latex gloves, spatulas, wet wipes, cotton pads, and buds. They don't do double dipping. Spatulas are disposed off after every application. This is essential because it lowers the possibility of acquiring infection. Remember dolls, we want to be hair-free and germ-free as well, right?

Strip also uses only the prime quality wax in town! Their Berry Chocolate Wax is loaded with Titanium Dioxide which makes it gentle on the skin. It leaves the skin soft and supple as well.

So now, the big question is: How did it go?

They say in order to lessen the pain, it is advisable to pop a capsule of pain reliever half an hour before doing the Brazilian procedure. But since I would like to experience the Brazilian wax in all its glory, I decided to skip that part. Did I regret omitting that? Surprisingly, the answer is NO. Yes, it was not the most soothing experience but the pain was definitely not as excruciating as what I imagined it to be. All the screaming I saw on various movie clips were beyond exaggeration. It was not pain-free but it was definitely tolerable. Coming from a girl with genetically implanted low pain tolerance and is medically unaided to numb her pain receptors, that is definitely a big naked statement!

Also, my therapist (named Lanie) just took 15 minutes to complete the whole procedure. But don't equate speed with lesser quality because she was definitely keen to details (literally!). A post treatment cream was also applied on my V section to avoid irritation and all the bad stuff. And contrary to my initial belief, I did not experience difficulty in walking (or in any motor skill) after the procedure (again, blame the movies!). Helen and I even continued shopping afterwards. And since I considered my experience a big achievement, I even treated myself with my favorite dish and dessert! 

So will I recommend Strip Ministry of Waxing? My answer: in a heart beat!  As a matter of fact, I am hugely encouraging all you dolls and dudes (yes, they offer boyzilian) to take off all your inhibitions and start the year light and free! (wink) Embrace the liberating feeling and book an appointment now at Strip Ministry of Waxing! x

For more information and waxing tips, visit or like Strip Manila on Facebook. You can also follow @stripmanila on Twitter.


Kiss Kiss,

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