Pinkbox Pink Party!

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Pink best represents all the fun about being a girl. It is a shade that screams our innate attachment to variables that have the capacity to make us blush and feel delicately beautiful. It is also the tinge that we use to paint the world with hope and togetherness. It is a color that effortlessly makes us happy and notches up our feminine mood (in a good way) in a flash. It's like that dose of epinephrine that we girls badly need from time to time. Seriously, there is just something about the color pink that makes it so damn irresistible! 

And on that note, I couldn't fathom how fast I confirmed when I read the tag "Pinkbox Party" (in bold letters and yes, highlighted in pink!) invitation in my inbox. It was like I knew from that very millisecond that this event will be worthwhile. What could possibly go wrong with a pink party, right? Your guess is correct. Nothing! Pinkbox definitely made sure of that!

Pictures (heavy) after the jump!

With Pinkbox's wide array of products (hair accessories, fashion accessories, personalized charms, novelty and stationery items), you will surely find something in their store that will suit your style, remedy your need or express your personality without breaking the bank.

Basic - classic, uni-color pieces for women of all ages.

 Charms - personalized bracelets and necklaces with meaningful charms.

Chic Collection - trendy and attention-grabbing, this line is for the fashion-forward woman who knows what she wants.

Novelty - stationery and phone charms for girls and girls at heart.

Yes, this ten-year old retail brand doesn't just cater to moms and to their little girls anymore. Pinkbox is also now the new go-to shop of women of ALL ages who are looking for ways to update their look, to add that extra bling or simply just to make a fashion statement. Loaded not just with fun, trendy, enticing and fashion-forward pieces, this label also has high regards for premium quality and exudes impeccable craftsmanship (proudly Pinoy made). No wonder, Pinkbox has already invaded the hearts (and wardrobe) of many.

Speaking of women, these lovely girls made the Pinkbox Pink party more fun and.. pinkier! 

with Liz

with Donna and Martha

Sarah, Jill, Donna, me, Kumi and Tanya

Group picture! (photo credit: Project Vanity FB page)

Special thanks to Liz, Miss Nelly See and to the whole Pinkbox family for having me! A huge shout out also to Sweet Bella Cafe at Burgos Circle, BGC for their delectable food!

For more information, visit or like Pinkbox on Facebok. You can also follow @pinkboxph on Twitter.


Kiss Kiss,

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