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GoodAh!!! is a well-established and renowned food chain in the country that started back in the 1980's, when it popularized traditional hot and quick-served Filipino snacks like goto, arroz caldo, dinuguan, and pares, including acronym-named ensemble dishes consisting of fried rice base (Sinangag abbreviated to "si") and fried eggs (itlog, coined as "log") and then combined with meat dishes like tapa (became "tapsilog"), tocino (became "tocilog"), and longanisa (which became "longsilog"). Their catchy tag lines like "pagkaing good for every all" and "open 25 hours" were well received by the public as well. I love their "silogs" and I don't mind eating them any time of the day. 

But at their recent press event, GoodAh!!! definitely proved that they live up to their reputation as an innovator and trailbrazer in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry with the launch of their new dish, - the "GoodAhotpot!!!"

This hot and healthy concoction complete with meat and vegetables for that truly satisfying and indulging meal comes in four flavorful variations that GoodAh!!! clients will truly enjoy; -beef, fish, pork and chicken. 

The Beef variation (bestseller) comes with tender all-beef meat, plus healthy shiitake mushrooms, tasty meat balls, crab sticks, egg noodles, and Tagalog pechay. All these tasty ingredients in a bowl of piping-hot clear soup that will truly wash your stress (and hunger) away with every sip.

On the other hand, the Fish variation will tickle the fancy of weight-watchers and health-conscious individuals with appetizing fish meat for that truly distinct fish flavor. Plus, shiitake mushrooms, fish cake, crab sticks, Tagalog pechay, egg noodles, and Chikuwa Ring (or bamboo ring), all in a savory clear soup, completes this healthy dish.

Plus, all-time favorite Pork and Chicken flavors are also included in the GoodAhotpot!!! line, with practically the same ingredients as the Beef and Fish variations, all promising to give GoodAh!!! customers an enriching and fulfilling feeling every time they dine at any of GoodAh!!!'s 10 branches.

It is definitely a healthier choice in still having that tastiest gastronomic experience but without the added oil and sodium of perhaps your regular burger & fries combo. I am not a big fan of eating noodles, but GoodAhotpot tastes really good. The serving is also huge enough for sharing which makes this dish a bigger bang for the buck.

Of course, GoodAh!!! is not just about the new "GoodAhotpot!!!." Make sure to try their all-time favorites like the "Altanghap" line up like Tapsilog, Tocilog, Longsilog, Goto, Pares and Dinuguan; the "Specials" like the charbroiled chicken, Ribsilog, Litsilog, Inihaw na Liempo, Lumpiang Shanghai; Chicken and Beef Mami for their Lugaw and Mami specials, the GoodAh!!! 99'ers Rice-All-You-Can with barbeque Chicken, Liempo and Pork, plus Sizzling Pork chop and Sisig; and tempting desserts like Sweet banana, Leche Flan & Halo-Halo.

Enjoy these fulfilling meals at all GoodAh!!!'s 10 branches located in Metro Manila (Paranaque, San Juan, Malabon, Quezon City, Las Pinas) and also in Pampanga, Bulacan, Batangas, and Antipolo. These branches offer either airconditioned or al fresco dining, and with free Wi-Fi service (select branches only) to boot.

And let me share a couple of pictures during the launch before I end this post. :)

with Mr. Timothy Yang (President of GoodAh!!!)

and with bloggers Janese and Aylin

For more information, visit or like GoodAh!!! on Facebook.


Kiss Kiss,

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