Diana Stalder: The Promise Of A Better You

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Fifteen years ago, Dermaline Facial and Skin Care Center now known as Diana Stalder joined the world of wellness and beauty and quickly made its mark. Then, as well as now, the Center represented beauty and charm. Using its impressive line-up of Diana Stalder quality skin care products that aims to satisfy every man and woman's desire for beautiful skin, Dermaline gained the confidence of its highly-discriminating clientele.

Recently, Diana Stalder reintroduced its first ever Skin Care Center offering brands time-tested formulations, with enhanced and specialized treatment and a brand of unique service focusing on customized skin care delivered by well-trained health professionals. With its much anticipated foray into a broader skin care market, Diana Stalder expects to use only quality skin care products, guided by the principle that every man and woman can be beautiful in his and her own right.

I am not a newbie to Diana Stalder's skin care line. I personally enjoy lathering Diana Stadler Lemon soap on my face and neck. It is targeted as a cleanser for people with oily skin and it is really effective in removing dirt and make up residue without drying the skin. I highly recommend that soap. 

But it was only days ago that I was able to walk inside Diana Stalder's Skin Care Center and oh boy, I was really impressed. Located at the heart of Makati is this haven just waiting to be discovered by beauty seekers who deserve nothing but the best! Their cozy and stylish interior and relatively spacey rooms create that natural pleasant environment that quickly made me forget that I was just a few meters vertically away from perhaps the busiest avenue in the Metro. 

Diana Stalder Premium Diamond Peel with Serum (Php2,000) is a procedure that gently cleans, scrubs and exfoliates the skin with the aid of a diamond tipped wand. I particularly enjoyed that their cleansing products felt minty which left that cool & relaxing sensation on the skin. Also, the facial scrub that was used just had the right amount of grittiness (definitely not abrasive) that helped lift the dead skin cells away. Next, steam was used to open my pores and then my nasty white/black heads were patiently extracted. Fresh cucumber eye patches were also applied. And then, the diamond tipped wand was gently rolled all over my face and neck. I love that my therapist made sure that every area was treated accordingly. She also used red LED lights on my face to encourage collagen stimulation and to reduce redness. And as a final touch, a specialized serum was applied to hydrate the skin.

The result; - I walked away with supple, smooth and youthful glowy skin. I had this procedure days ago, but I still can't help touching my face. The silky feeling as I stroke my face makes me crazy (and extremely pleased). I am also happy to report that I did not break out after the procedure (mind you, I have sensitive skin). :)

With the blooming of a new era for Diana Stalder holding the promise of a better you, this world will be more beautiful than ever.

with Prince (Creative Marketing Specialist of Diana Stalder) and blogger Zheyne

with Prince (far left), the other bloggers, and Miss Leila of Diana Stalder (far right) 

You can visit Diana Stalder at Room 710 7th Floor, National Life Insurance Building, Ayala Avenue, Makati City. Telephone number: 892-5659

For more information, visit www.dianastalder.com or like Diana Stalder by Dermaline on Facebook.


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