Blue Water Day Spa 24K Gold Senses Facial Treatment

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Blue Water Day Spa is a haven for beauty and wellness in the Philippines. Offering a wide array of world-class, pampering services ranging from Body Massages, Facial Treatments, Face and Body Machine treatments, Hand and Foot Services and Waxing Treatments, it definitely feels stepping into a world of pure relaxation at Blue Water Day Spa. 

Since its opening in 2005, Blu Water Day Spa has become a popular destination for relaxation and wellness. It immediately distinguished itself as a premier hub of wellness - offering innovative treatments, advanced therapies, and breakthrough procedures. In no time, Blue Water Day Spa became acclaimed for presenting the ultimate experience in healing and relaxation. Through years of experience, meticulous training and the innate passion to seek wholeness, Blue Water Day Spa creates revolutionary wellness treatments designed to address the need to relieve stress physically and mentally, heal the body and soothe the spirit. It offers the latest therapies such as groundbreaking massage treatments, advanced skin care procedures, revolutionary body enhancing techniques and many more.

And another breakthrough from Blue Water Day Spa's innovative skin care advancements is the 24K Gold Senses Facial Treatment that gently applies 24K Active Gold Powder Mask to the face.

To usher in the prosperous Chinese New Year, Blue Water Spa is launching the 24K Gold Senses Facial Treatment! When we say "gold," we usually think of gold jewelry as the only way to glitter and make heads turn. The good news is, we can now improve our skin and bring out our beauty with the help of the 24K Facial Treatment from Blue water Day Spa!

This anti-aging benefits of gold dates back 5000 years to the time of Cleopatra who was believed to maintain her youthful beauty by sleeping in a gold face mask each night to keep her skin looking firmed, toned, supple and with a healthy glow. 

The benefits of this treatment are as follows: delays the natural signs of aging - such as minimizing fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin; minimizing pores; rejuvenates the surface layer of skin by accelerating cell renewal; reverse oxidation damage; enhances skin's elasticity; increases blood circulation giving your skin luminous radiance; facilitates the removal of toxins and waste and assists in lymphatic drainage; and slows down melanin production for prevention of dark spots on skin.

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Thanks to Blue Water Day Spa, we can live be like Cleopatra and indulge on a luxurious skin pampering treatment that we all deserve. 

Maintain a sparkling smooth and youthful skin without wrinkles, go for the 24K Gold Senses Facial Treatment today! Drop by at the nearest Blue Water Day Spa in your vicinity. They have branches in Ortigas-Greenhills (7278420), Makati (8175455), Capitol Hills (9524829), Eastwood City (9151247) and Tomas Morato (7945036). 

For inquiries and for more information, visit You can also add Blue Water Day Spa on Facebook or follow @bluewaterdayspa on Twitter for updates.

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