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I remember adding Benefit's Bella Bamba blush on my make up wishlist the minute I learned about it. If you have been reading my blog for quite awhile now, you probably know already that I have a "thing" for blushes. So when I saw the promotional pictures of Bella Bamba, read about a gazillion positive feedback about it and watched my favorite YouTube gurus talking  nonstop about this blush, I was completely sold. But since Benefit Cosmetics was not yet available here in the Philippines at that time, I had to play the excruciating waiting game. But it was okay because Bella Bamba was so worth the wait!

More pictures after the jump!

 Bella Bamba is described as a 3D watermelon pink blush that amplifies the cheekbones and aims to give the face that illusion of sculpted features. It also has that pleasing fruity scent (definitely not overpowering) that makes sweeping it across my cheekbones always a delight. Seriously, it is one of the most deliciously smelling blush that I have ever owned. Although I don't know what to expect or how a 3D blush should work, I am pleased with how Bella Bamba delivers on my cheeks. With proper application, it gives that healthy medium pink flush with slightly golden sheen to the skin. Its fine shimmers create that beautiful lit to the face as well.

Bella Bamba doesn't come low on pigmentation too. It is a blush that can be worn and will work for all skin tones. It is super pigmented that overdoing it is remarkably easy. So make sure to use a light hand or a dual fibre brush in applying this (at least for fair/NC20-ish skin tones like me). 

Housed in a super cute packaging, Bella Bamba is perfect for travelling too. It flips open, has a mirror inside and comes with a usable soft brush. I personally don't use the brush that came with it (which I do in all my blushes) since I prefer applying it with my dual fibre brush, but it's quite handy for quick touch ups. However, I am not a big fan of their new flip top box design. I still prefer their old detachable lid design because I find that the flip cover a little bit harder to work (and to photograph) with as it tends to close involuntarily while I'm still doing my blush. But hey, that's just me. Different strokes for different folks, right? 

A quick swatch:

And Bella Bamba in action!

Bella Bamba retails for $28 US/Php1600. 


For more information, like Benefit Cosmetics Philippines on Facebook.


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