NARS Sex Appeal Blush

4:17 PM

Sex Appeal: The newest NARS blush in town! 
Described as "soft peach", Sex Appeal is a really lovely and natural looking blush for ladies with fair skin. I sweep this on my cheeks for that glow-from-within look and it delivers really well. Although I am used with my pigmented blushes from Nars, I find it still refreshing to have something like this in my collection; - a blush that will never be over the top! I can ditch all my other neutral blushes for this (sorry Gingerly!).

If you have a Nars counter near you, don't just swatch it. Let the MUA apply this on your cheeks and see for yourself the magic it brings with every sweep. It honestly looked blah when I first swatched it, but when I applied it on my cheeks, it was a life changing moment, lol! Seriously, if you have fair skin tones, get this blush! You need this in your lives, haha. 
Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively and pop star Kylie Mingoue are both fans of this pretty soft peach blush!

For swatches, check Temptalia. Sorry, my camera is not picking the color well.

Thoughts? Let me know, ayt?

Retails for Php1450 ($26).

Until then.

Peace and Love!

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