Sleek I-Dive The Original Palette

2:21 AM

Presenting the palette that started the Sleek fever!
The Sleek I-Divine Original!

More pictures after the jump!
(without flash)
(with flash)

(without flash)
(with flash)

This palette contains 12 mineralized shadows and has a good mix of colors (which is perfect!). It has various colors; -from subtle champagnes to bold blues and greens. All shades are shimmery except for the black one (upper left). Housed in a black sleek packaging with a huge built in mirror, this palette is perfect for traveling. I also highly recommend this to anyone who is just starting with make up. Unfortunately, this is not available here in the Philippines. But if you have access to this brand, go check it out!

Close up pics and more swatches (without and with flash) here:
These swatches were applied dry and without a base. All the shades are highly pigmented and are smooth to touch. They blend easily and with zero to minimal fall out. Stunning, right?

How about you? What do you think about this palette? Let me know, ayt?

Until then.

Peace and Love!

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